The state of Tennessee is enacting a new law on July 1st that will require everyone convicted of a DUI with a blood alcohol concentration level of .08 or higher to have to have ignition interlock devices installed in the vehicles to continue driving. According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, the new law is a measure taken in an attempt to prevent future drunk driving offenses by those already convicted.

According to MADD, the new law will also require vehicles to have cameras in them that will snap a picture every time the breathalyzer is activated. This measure is taken to discourage others from blowing into the breathalyzer for a drunk driver. MADD hopes that this new law will help prevent another automobile accident due to drunk driving.

However, the prosecuting DUI attorney for Tennessee’s 10th Judicial District stated that the law is only as effective as enforcement and penalty of breaking it. Currently, drunk driving convictions in Tennessee are Class A misdemeanors that carry maximum fines of $2,500 and maximum jail sentences of 11 months and 29 days.

MADD hopes that the new law will help reduce the number of people injured in or killed in drunk driving accidents. People who are injured in car accidents because of a drunk driving might decide to file personal injury lawsuits against the drunk drivers. Likewise, family members of people who were killed in drunk driving accidents might decide to file wrongful death lawsuits against the drunk drivers. Personal injury lawyers might be able to assist people in filing these types of claims.

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