On May 30, a fatal accident occurred on Interstate 40 at the eastbound exit to the Asheville Highway. When traffic apparently came to a standstill, the driver of a tractor-trailer collided into the back of a car, pushing it into an SUV. Both the 44-year-old male driver and 64-year-old female passenger in the middle vehicle died in the accident.

Knoxville police believe another vehicle collision took place in the same area because of the first set of collisions. Reports suggest that a different truck plowed into the back of a Dodge Charger, and the car careened into a wall, sideswiping another vehicle. One person from this second crash was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

The driver of the first tractor-trailer was taken to the hospital for emotional anguish, and police indicated that no charges had been filed at the time of reporting. Speaking to news outlets after the incident, a Knoxville police sergeant indicated this section of road experiences the heaviest traffic in the city. The crash reportedly backed up traffic for several hours until the scene was cleared at around 5 p.m.

When a fatal semi-truck accident occurs, there may be underlying factors involved such as driver fatigue or faulty brakes. The driver or the trucking company may be considered liable depending on the outcome of the police investigation even if police do not cite the at-fault parties. Family members of the deceased could choose to pursue a wrongful death claim. A personal injury lawyer might assist them with building a case and could help the plaintiffs throughout settlement negotiations and litigation.

Source: WBIR, “Fatal 6-vehicle crash snarls I-40 traffic for hours“, May 30, 2014