A 66-year-old woman reportedly died in a head-on accident in Knoxville on June 2. Another motorist involved in the crash suffered injuries that officials do not believe to be life-threatening.

According to Knoxville police, the fatal accident occurred on North Broadway Street in Fountain City at approximately 5:46 p.m. Police said the 66-year-old woman was driving a Subaru Forester in the southbound lane of the road when she swerved across the grassy median and entered into the northbound lanes. That is where she collided head-on with a Dodge Charger, police said.

An ambulance transported the driver of the Dodge Charger to the University of Tennessee Medical Center after officials extricated the driver from the Charger. Police did not state what caused the woman to veer across the median but said they are continuing to investigate the accident.

Motorists involved in accidents as catastrophic as this one may suffer serious injuries to the head, neck or spinal cord. These injuries often require surgery, long-term rehabilitation and significant time off from work, all of which may create financial hardship for accident victims. For this reason, many people who suffer damages as a result of a car accident seek financial compensation in civil court.

By retaining a personal injury attorney and filing suit, accident victims may seek restitution for hospital bills, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and even lost wages if their injuries prove to be disabling. To succeed, claimants in such a lawsuit must demonstrate the specific damages they suffered as a result of the incident. The personal injury attorney may show victims what materials to retain or obtain as evidence.

Source: KnoxNews.com, “North Broadway back open after fatal head-on crash“, June 02, 2014