Tractor-trailer wrecks are among the most dangerous and serious of any collisions on the road. Unfortunately, many people are injured and killed in these accidents each year across Tennessee roads. Victims of semi truck accidents may face long-term pain and suffering in addition to expensive medical and physical therapy bills. There may also be funeral expenses to consider for families of a deceased person.

An accident involving multiple vehicles closed down a stretch of I-24 in Montgomery County. The accident occurred near Clarksville, and it included three tractor trailers. 

The potential for catastrophic injury in an accident like this is often quite high, especially for motorists in smaller commercial and passenger vehicles. Whether a vehicle is struck directly by the semi truck, hit by cargo that was carried on the trailer, or involved in a collision that stems from the initial collision, drivers on the road are at risk when a semi truck loses control. This is especially true when more than one truck is involved, as in the accident on I-24.

There are many questions involved with an accident like this one. Who is at fault? Could the accident have been avoided? In some cases, a semi truck driver may have inadequate sleep, causing him to lose focus or even fall asleep behind the wheel. Mechanical failures and complications also contribute to the frequency of semi truck accidents. Understanding the cause of a collision and the legal recourse available to you can help you pursue the settlement you deserve for your case. 

Source: WKRN- TV Nashville, “I-24 reopens in Montgomery County after serious crash,” May 20, 2014