Motor vehicle crashes occur for a host of reasons, but some accidents have unique causes. For example, some drivers cause an accident because they attempt to operate a vehicle even though some type of physical or mental challenge interferes with their abilities, such as a foot injury that makes it more difficult for them to apply their brakes in a timely manner or accelerate correctly.

If you were hit by a driver who caused an accident because they were incapacitated in some manner, this factor requires careful consideration, especially if you are planning on taking your case to the courtroom.

The dangers of driving with an injury

Some people decide to drive even though they have a foot or hand injury that affects their ability to stay safe on the road. Whether someone has to go to work or take care of other responsibilities, there is no excuse for operating a vehicle when one is unfit to drive correctly. Those who drive with a foot injury sometimes accelerate rapidly by pressing on the gas pedal too hard, colliding with a car in front of them. Likewise, some people take too long to use their brakes because their foot is injured, resulting in a crash. These wrecks often cause additional injuries or even claim lives.

The victims of motor vehicle crashes

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, more than 2.7 million people were hurt in traffic crashes during 2018. For those struck by other drivers, a wide range of consequences often arise. Financial problems, emotional hurdles, painful injuries and other setbacks make daily life very hard for many motor vehicle crash victims. You need to take a careful look into your legal options if you are in this position, regardless of the reason(s) why another driver caused the accident.