Many people struggle with challenges at work on a daily basis, resulting in fatigue, distractions, high levels of stress and rushing around. Sadly, all of these difficulties can increase the odds of a motor vehicle collision. If you were involved in a crash and the other driver was dealing with problems related to their job, this is no excuse and you need to look into your legal options.

Every day, many accidents occur because of work-related stressors and it is crucial for drivers to ensure that they obey all traffic safety guidelines and drive safely. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people in the U.S. miss over one million days of work each year as a result of traffic crash injuries.

How do problems at work increase the odds of a crash?

Whether someone works for many hours or their job is especially physically or mentally demanding, fatigue is responsible for many accidents. Drivers who are drowsy or very sore sometimes have difficulty focusing on the road and even fall asleep behind the wheel. Also, many drivers use their phones to talk with clients, co-workers and supervisors, resulting in distracted driving. Those running late for work or an important meeting sometimes speed and behave aggressively behind the wheel.

How can you recover from a traffic wreck?

If you were struck by a driver who was distracted, fatigued or in a rush, you need to carefully go over these factors as you consider your legal options. Filing a lawsuit helps many drivers in this position receive the financial support they desperately need and also provides mental relief. Some people also look for support from friends, family members and online communities.