Motorcycles provide an exciting and enjoyable way to experience the road. Whether it’s a trip out of town, a drive through the city or a casual ride with friends, there’s nothing else like it. However, due to the relative lack of protection available to motorcycle riders, they are at greater risk of serious injury or death than people riding in other vehicles. Each year, motorcycle accident injuries occur in Tennessee, many of which lead to the hospitalization of the riders or even death.

In Fayetteville, a man suffered fatal injuries while riding his motorcycle. Witnesses say the man collided with the rear of a vehicle that stopped in order to turn left. The rider was thrown from his motorcycle into another lane, where a second vehicle struck him. The accident remains under investigation.

Although this accident is still under investigation, many motorcycle accidents are the result of other drivers’ negligence. Often, they are avoidable mistakes. Drivers often forget to check carefully for motorcyclists, or they drive too close to the rider without considering the potential harm an impact could cause. Other drivers may fail to signal for an upcoming turn or may stop suddenly. Accidents involving motorcyclists commonly result in injuries to the head, neck and back, which can be debilitating and cause expensive medical bills.

If you or someone you know has been in a motorcycle accident that was caused by careless or negligent driving, you need to understand your options and the legal ramifications for all parties involved. Gaining legal knowledge is the first step toward achieving a suitable outcome to your situation.

Source: THV 11, “Fayetteville man killed in motorcycle accident,” Feb. 9, 2014