Sunday afternoons are a time when many families decide to visit with each other, go out to lunch or just go for a drive to sightsee. It is also a time when many tourists to the Tennessee area pack up to return home. Regardless of the reason for being on the road, Sunday afternoons are not typically thought of as a time when a driver needs to be vigilant, because the risk of a drunk driver sharing the interstate with him or her is likely. However, as proven by a recent car accident, an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver can occur at any time.

Police report that a woman driving north on Interstate 75 was hit from behind by another vehicle. The force of the impact caused the first car to leave the roadway and to flip several times before coming to rest in a wooded area. The car that hit her bounced off the inner wall of the interstate and proceeded to flip as well.

There were a total of three women involved in this accident, and all three were airlifted to a nearby hospital. The woman who was driving the car that was hit suffered serious injuries, and her condition has been reported as critical. The driver who hit her, along with a passenger in this driver’s car, also required medical attention; however, their current condition is not known.

While the exact circumstances leading up to this car accident have not been determined yet, Tennessee police have stated that they believe alcohol was involved. Charges against the driver who caused the accident have yet to be filed and will most likely depend on the outcome of the investigation. Even so, the others who were injured in this accident will be facing numerous medical expenses, lost time from work and other financial and emotional losses. A civil claim may be their best option for addressing these issues.

Source:, 3 women airlifted after accident on I-75, No author, Feb. 9, 2014