Whether you ride a motorcycle or simply share the road with them in Tennessee, it is important to understand some of the safety issues that riders face. While cars’ bodies provide their drivers with protection, motorcycle riders do not have that same advantage. At Pryor Priest & Harber, we understand that accidents involving motorcycles are particularly serious and can result in grave injuries and even death.

That is why May has been designated Motorcycle Awareness Month, according to Ultimate Motorcycling. Of all the reported deadly motorcycle crashes each year, another vehicle is involved in 57 percent of them. By remaining aware of the motorcycles around them, car and truck drivers can help ensure everyone’s safety.

One of the biggest safety problems today is distracted driving. Phones especially serve to tempt drivers to take their eyes off of the road, which can be extremely dangerous. In addition, newer technologies do some of the work for drivers, leading some people to believe that they do not need to be as vigilant. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and harder to spot. Therefore, this important safety campaign reminds drivers to keep an eye out for motorcycles and to check carefully before changing lanes.

In part, May was chosen because the spring weather brings many riders onto the road. It is also important to bring these issues to people’s attention this time of year so that they will keep them in mind as the seasons change. For more information on dealing with a crash involving a motorcycle, please visit our web page.