Many Knoxville motorists assume that summer is the safest driving season of the year. There is no snow on the ground, less rain in the forecast and the temperatures are heating up. According to, the summertime is the riskiest time of year for motorists to be on the roads. The closer it gets to Memorial Day, the more dangerous the roads become. 

Drivers should learn about the factors that increase summertime car accidents so they can avoid them. 

More young drivers 

School is out, and many newly licensed and inexperienced teen drivers are on the roads. Young drivers are spending more time driving on the streets. Their inexperience and distractions significantly increase the chances of them crashing into other vehicles and pedestrians. A study posted in states that young drivers who text and drive have a 23 percent higher chance of crashing. Also, teenage-related car accidents are often more severe during the summer. 

Road construction projects 

Many road construction and repair projects occur during the summer because the weather is more predictable and favorable. Road projects can affect the flow of traffic. Many projects result in detours being put in place and reduced speeds. Motorists who are not familiar with the detours, do not pay attention to road construction areas and traffic signs and engage in distractions are likely to crash their cars and injure others. 

Many summertime car accidents do not have to happen. Motorists can avoid them by focusing all of their attention on the roads and driving safely to avoid hitting pedestrians and other drivers.