One of the most vulnerable groups of motorists on the roads is motorcyclists. Many of them ride without proper riding gear, and they do not have the same structures to protect them as car drivers do. Motorcycle accidents are very common in Knoxville. Out of the 8.6 million of them that were on the roads in 2015, approximately 88,000 of them were injured from motorcycle crashes, states the Insurance Information Institute. As the weather continues to warm up, one can expect to see more bikers and motorcycle accidents on the roads. Bikers who are getting ready to ride should make themselves aware of the common types of injuries they face.

Legs and feet

According to, “30 percent of all bikers sustain injuries to their legs and feet.” These injuries are often nonlife-threatening. But that does not make them any less serious in some cases. Broken bones and torn and damaged muscles and ligaments can result in injuries ranging from minor to severe and disabling.

Skin abrasions

Many bikers suffer from skin abrasions and road rash when they crash their bikes. Their bodies often slide along the pavement after they have fallen before coming to a complete stop. The scrapes often range from mild to severe and most commonly occur on their legs, hands, faces and backs.

Spinal cords

Motorcyclists are particularly at risk for spinal cord injuries. Their vehicles lack structures to protect their backs and spinal cords from forceful movement during collisions. Also, when motorcyclists crash, they may find themselves wedged between other objects and vehicles, landing on their heads and necks or impaled by foreign objects, resulting in damage to their spinal columns. Spinal cord injuries are often severe and can result in temporary and permanent paralysis.

Because of the structure of their vehicles, bikers should exercise caution when they are on the roads. They should also wear riding gear to minimize the risk and severity of injuries they may sustain when they collide with other vehicles.