The holiday season is known for many things: parties, family, snow…all of which can make this December full of wonderful occasions. Tennessee residents know how sometimes the parties can spill a little late into the night, or the roads can be tricky to maneuver – things that make driving home a little harder and a lot more dangerous. Per official statement, President Barack Obama has declared that December be National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, in an effort to keep the distracted driving potential at minimum and all drivers safer during the season.

The preventative methods begin with increasing public awareness about the different kinds of distracted driving that could so impair drivers this winter and at any time. Things such as medication that is prescribed; alcohol; and using a cellular phone while driving are all mentioned and cautioned against as they can all cause a driver to lose focus and not be able to safely manage their vehicle.

There has been a lot of talk about the kinds of dangerous habits drivers are getting used to, and the amount of easy access to phones or GPS devices may be adding to the potential to drive distracted. It’s important for Tennessee parents to talk with our kids and peers about what is safe and what is unsafe when we’re driving. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s not just the driver’s life that’s at risk, but everyone else in and around that car.

Should a Tennessee resident feel they have been involved in an accident due to the distracted driving of another driver, learning about the distracted driving laws in your area is one step to take. The hope is that with this month’s focus on safety on the roads, there will be fewer accidents as a result of impaired driving, however; for those unfortunate few who are or have suffered the loss of a job or loved one due to an accident, working with an attorney is one way to help cope with the stress.

Source:, “Presidential Proclamation – National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, 2012,” Office of the Press Secretary, Nov. 30, 2012