Driving a motor vehicle that has one of its mechanisms working incorrectly can be one of the scariest things for a driver. Tennessee drivers trust that the cars we buy are manufactured to their safest potential and when the result of a problematic devise in a car is an accident, the effects can be devastating. Honda recently announced one of its recalls due to one such faulty mechanism, coming after several reported accidents.

The recall involves some 870,000 different vehicles, all with an automatic transmission and all from at least six years ago, if not older. The specific models included are some of the Odyssey and Pilot models (from the years 2003 and 2004), as well as a specific amount of Acuras made between 2003 and 2006. Their problem reportedly is with the ignition lock mechanism, which becomes less effective over time.

The lock is supposed to engage when the keys are inserted into the ignition and they have been reported to lose their grip over time, causing the cars, which may not be in the parked gear, to be able to roll away. Without this important safety feature performing its duty, accidents such as the 16 noted ones become more and more possible. There have only been two reported cases of injuries being sustained, however: one involving a man being rolled over by his van.

For Tennessee drivers who are using these specific Honda models, the company has announced that those who have trouble with this problem will be able to have a dealer repair the interlock device. As well, the registered owners of these vehicles will receive their notice of the recall come early 2013. Should a resident believe that they have been involved in a car accident due to an issue such as this, understanding the rights you retain regarding personal injury and compensation could help with the unforeseen medical costs.

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