This week is one celebrated by many across the world as Christmas Eve and Day were on Monday and Tuesday. Travel plans and road conditions were likely intensified by the mass rush to get home for the holidays and begin eating your favorite traditional food. As exciting as it is, it can often be the case that the dangers are raised with that excitement. Driving on the Tennessee roads proved to be a more dangerous action for an unfortunate few this week, who found themselves involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident on Monday.

There were reported to have been two cars involved, one carrying only a driver and another carrying the driver along with four passengers. Only one of those passengers was said to have been wearing a seatbelt – a child safety device that was reportedly not used appropriately.

The accident occurred due to the first car, a Chevrolet S-10, veering into the opposite lane of traffic, then striking the second car, a Buick LeSabre. The two drivers and one woman in the passenger seat of the Buick lost their lives and the three other passengers of the Buick were transported to a local hospital. Officials have stated that, had their seatbelts been used, a different outcome may have been possible.

Tennessee residents know the importance of seatbelts and the safety that they can provide, but it does sometimes take tragic stories such as this to remind us of all we can do. It’s important to teach our children about seatbelt usage and safe driving as much as it is that we perform both.

The families of those who lost their lives or who were injured are able to look into a wrongful death or personal injury claim. The added burden of losing an income along with a loved one is not one that goes unnoticed but during such difficult times it can help to work with an attorney who knows the field in order to be able to heal.

Source:, “3 killed, 3 injured in Christmas Eve crash in Campbell County,” Dec. 25, 2012