Many Tennessee motorists rely on GPS units to aid them while they drive. They make travel easier and more convenient in many cases. However, there is a dark side to GPS navigation systems that motorists need to be aware of. They can also be a source of distraction to drivers, making them dangerous. Sometimes they give inaccurate information and put the drivers who rely on them at risk for becoming lost and involved in car crashes.

Drivers can access directions from GPS-enabled apps on their phones or from using navigational devices. These units receive information directly from satellites. While this may seem like a reliable feature, certain issues can interfere with their signals and cause them to relay incorrect information, such as cloud and weather conditions and interference from external sources.

According to, as many as two percent of distracted driving incidents are caused by drivers handling their GPS units. Some motorists increase their risk of harm by fiddling with these devices while their attention is supposed to be on the road. They take one or both hands off their steering wheels and are unable to drive their cars safely. Sometimes these drivers are so distracted by their GPS devices that they fail to notice that they are nowhere near where they are supposed to be or that they are somewhere completely unsafe or away from civilization.

Drivers should take extra precautions to ensure they do not become victims of GPS navigation system-related incidents, states The Zebra. They should double check their route directions before they get in their vehicles. They should research their routes to ensure there are not any detours that could interfere with their commute. They should also take time to map out alternative routes, make sure that all directions are safe and accurate and keep their GPS apps and systems updated.

With proper precaution and awareness, drivers who decide to use GPS navigational devices can do so safely.