Many Knoxville motorists are finalizing their plans for Memorial Day. According to, Memorial Day weekend is a very risky time for motorists to be on the roads. There are more drivers on the roads and an increase in traffic accidents. Many of these accidents are the result of tired drivers who spend too much time on the roads, alcohol use and distractions. There are also more young drivers on the roads who lack driving experience. 

With the holiday quickly approaching, anyone who plans to travel should make themselves aware of the dangers they face. Here are some ways they can avoid summertime car accidents. 

Drive defensively 

With all of the hazards on the roads, motorists should always drive defensively, states They should not assume that other drivers are going to drive properly and follow all traffic signs and rules. It is not always easy to predict the actions of other motorists or driving conditions that can affect the safety of others. Driving defensively can enable motorists to plan their actions out in advance so they can avoid potential accident-causing hazards, such as vehicle malfunctions, pedestrians, animals and reckless drivers. 

Stay focused 

Some drivers may become distracted from spending too much time driving. They may feel like using distractions to keep themselves alert and awake. Distracted motorists are a very big danger on the roads. They cannot anticipate the actions of other drivers and maneuver safely around objects, pedestrians and animals that may end up on the roads. They are also unable to compensate for any driving errors that are made by themselves and other motorists. People who do not stay focused on the roads may also miss crucial warning signs that can alert them to changing traffic and road conditions and detours. 

The roads may be busier during the summer and filled with more dangers. But drivers who learn about those dangers and adjust their driving behaviors to avoid them can reduce their risk of car accidents.