One thing that bikers in Knoxville should not forget about before they take to the streets is the dangers of riding in the rain. The summer is when “60 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur,” states Rain, construction, bad driving behaviors and other factors are all contributing factors. Wet weather conditions make the roads a more challenging terrain to drive on for all types of motorists. However, motorcyclists are more likely to crash their bikes and suffer serious injury than other types of drivers. 

Here is a brief overview on how motorcyclists can stay safe when riding on wet roads.

Vehicle inspection and maintenance 

A common cause of motor vehicle accidents is mechanical failure. Riders should inspect their bikes before their trips and keep them serviced at regular intervals to reduce the risk of breakdowns and accidents. 

Allow more space between vehicles 

When the roads are wet, motorists need to drive slower and allow more space between their vehicles and others to prevent crashes. They should use their turn signals and avoid making sudden and risky maneuvers to keep other drivers from hitting them. 

Riding adjustments 

According to Sport Rider Magazine, changes in weather conditions require bikers to modify the way they handle their vehicles. For example, motorcyclists should apply their throttles gradually and smoothly to prevent riding complications. 

Adjust braking techniques 

Bikers should change their braking behaviors to accommodate for the change in road conditions. They should stop their vehicles earlier so they can avoid colliding with cars, trucks and other objects. Riders should avoid using too much force on their brakes to keep their vehicles slipping and crashing. 

Although the rain makes the roads less than ideal for bikers to travel on, it is possible for them to ride safely. By checking the weather before they start traveling, avoiding heavy rainfall, using safe riding techniques and taking care of their vehicles, they can avoid accidents and injuries in rainy weather.