When people in Tennessee read about truck accidents, they usually do not think about all of the factors involved in driving a semitruck. While many people might think that negligence is usually involved in these accidents, there are times when mechanical failures play a role.

As in other industries, truck drivers are expected to adhere to certain safety standards. The Department of Transportation says that before beginning a day’s drive and after they finish, truckers must go through a checklist to catch mechanical failures before they occur. The brakes, coupling devices and tires are some of the parts checked each day; the list also includes parts such as sliding locks and the horn. While some people may think that these parts do not need to be checked twice a day, proper maintenance is crucial to maintaining the safety of the trucker and other drivers on the road.

Even with such rigorous testing, there are times when these parts may experience mechanical failure and cause an accident on the road. According to CrashForensics.com, one of these is brake failure. However, a complete breakdown of a braking system is rare. When braking system deficiencies occur, they can cause an accident if a driver needs to stop or slow down suddenly on the road.

If a truck driver is in an accident because the brakes did not respond properly, some truckers might think something is wrong with the entire braking system. However, most of the time braking deficiencies are problems with one part. A truck’s brakes may be misadjusted or the brake calipers might stick. There may also be oil in the braking system.