Texting while driving is quickly becoming one of the major causes of car accidents. This seems to be the case in a recent car crash involving an Englewood teenage driver and a deputy in McMinn County. According to reports, the male teenager was driving a Honda Civic west on State Route 39 around 7:12 a.m. on June 4. At the time, a county deputy was traveling in the opposite direction.

Eyewitnesses say the teenager crossed over the centerline and into the path of the deputy’s vehicle. While the deputy reportedly attempted to avoid a collision by hitting his brakes and pulling onto the shoulder, the teenager’s car struck him head-on. Both drivers were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. The deputy suffered broken ribs and a possible ankle injury and was transported by air to a hospital. The teenager was also taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. He is facing various charges that include texting while driving and failure to exercise due care.

A federal study shows that texting while driving is six times as dangerous as drunk driving. Nearly 25 percent of all U.S. crashes involve the use of cellphones. A local body shop agrees with those percentages, saying that a substantial portion of their business is related to texting while driving.

A car accident can happen suddenly and unexpectedly and can result in severe injuries or death. A person injured in a car accident may suffer a loss of income if their injuries prevent them from returning to work. Injured individuals may wish to seek the advice of a car accident attorney. A legal professional can inform them of their rights and predict if a civil suit is a valid option.

Source: WRCBtv, “UPDATE: Teen allegedly texting while driving has head-on collision with deputy“, June 05, 2014