Car accidents happen every day on the roads in Knoxville. Many of these incidents are preventable. These accidents cause a great deal of turmoil, trauma and harm to victims and their families. Drivers who learn about the common causes of car accidents can take reasonable measures to avoid them.


Driving while distracted is the latest fad for motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving claims the lives of eight victims each day. That is approximately 2,920 deaths a year. The most common source of distractions is cellphone use. Whether it is texting, eating, talking, or sleeping, drivers should learn to minimize their distractions to avoid accidents and injuries.

Alcohol, medications and drugs

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol, medication or some other substance is illegal. Yet, that does not stop thousands of drivers from doing it every day. In fact, impaired drivers killed almost 15,000 people in 2012, states Alcohol and the use of certain prescriptions medications and drugs can alter the user’s cognitive abilities and motor skills, making it hard for them to pay attention traffic, road conditions, their driving behaviors and their ability to operate their vehicles safely.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is any careless driving behavior that increases the risk of accidents and injuries. Motorists who speed, run red lights, ignore traffic signs and drive aggressively are blatantly ignoring traffic laws and rules. Some drivers resort to reckless motor vehicle operation to get other motorists to speed up and move out of their way. Careless driving is very risky behavior that can irrevocably alter the lives of everyone who is impacted by the accidents that occur.

Drivers who take their safety seriously should pay more attention to the roads. They should concentrate on reaching their destinations safely by avoiding all sources of distractions, the use of alcohol and certain medications and by following all traffic rules and signs.