Alcohol-related car accidents are a leading cause of death for teens in Knoxville. With warmer weather on the way, more teenagers are getting their licenses. Prom and graduation seasons are also coming up, and the roads are becoming more dangerous for young adult motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, teenage drivers who drink have a significantly higher risk of being involved in fatal crashes.

Many drunk teen motorists binge drink. They consume several drinks in a short amount of time before they drive their vehicles. Teenagers are also more likely to drink socially because they face pressure from friends. Many young drivers do not have much driving experience, and they may have lower tolerances than older drivers which is the perfect recipe for drunk driving accidents.

Parents should play an active role in deterring teens from using alcohol and driving. They should discourage their young adults from drinking by making them aware of the dangers. They should also create no tolerance rules to discourage their teens from using alcohol. Parents should monitor their teens for signs of intoxication and take their keys if necessary to keep them from driving and putting other people at risk of car accidents. recommends for parents to work with other parents to create plans and transportation arrangements that limit the amount of driving their teens do for special occasions, such as proms, graduations, celebrations and other activities.

Teens, alcohol and vehicles do not mix. Creating more awareness about the dangers teenage motorists face when they drink and drive can help to reduce the number of alcohol-related teenage car accidents that occur.