Bus accidents in Knoxville get little attention but should be on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Bus accidents are a lot more common than many people seem to think. In 2015, there were 261 fatal bus crashes., states the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Victims of bus crashes are often passengers, motorists and pedestrians. Regardless of who is at fault in these accidents, the victims often experience life-changing injuries and long recoveries. 

Even if you do not use public transportation often because you drive, you do share the roads with bus drivers. Learn about some common causes of bus wrecks so you can avoid them. 

Reckless driving 

Car operators are not the only motorists who engage in reckless driving. Sometimes bus drivers do it too. Bus operators are under pressure to stay on schedule and meet deadlines. These factors can result in them speeding, tailgating and engaging in other aggressive driving behaviors that put themselves, their passengers and other drivers on the roads at risk for accidents and injuries. 

Fatigued drivers 

Some bus drivers work long shifts and may forgo their breaks because of staffing and work issues. The long hours they spend transporting passengers and the monotony of the road can cause them to feel fatigued and less alert than they should be. According to a study posted in Metro-Magazine.com, commercial vehicle drivers have a 56.48 percent chance of crashing their vehicles when they are tired or fatigued. Drivers of any vehicles who cannot focus, concentrate or remain alert are dangerous to everyone on the streets. 

Rebellious passengers 

Not all people who ride buses conform to the rules and expectations that they should remain calm, courteous and well-behaved. Some passengers become unruly and cause disruptions that result in bus drivers becoming distracted while they are operating their vehicles. 

The above list of crash contributors is not all inclusive. Other common issues that can result in bus wrecks include driver intoxication, distractions and defective equipment. Many of these driving safety hazards are avoidable with preparation and proper precautions.