When motorcycle accidents happen in Knoxville, they often cause harm and injuries to the riders and anyone else who is involved. Motorcycle accidents happen for many reasons and when they do, they are often severe or fatal. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, in 2015, there were 4,693 fatal biker crashes. Five percent of those deaths occurred during the month of December. These accidents were not caused by biker error alone. Many of them involved passenger cars. Bikers should make themselves aware of what the common causes of motorcycle accidents are before they hit the roads so they can take preventative actions to avoid them.

Improper left turn from another vehicle

When other motorists fail to pay attention at intersections and cannot see bikers that are behind them due to blind spots and for other reasons, they are likely to make left turns that cause collisions. Bikers can avoid this type of situation by traveling at safe distances, anticipating the actions of the drivers in front and around them and by paying attention to signs of intent.

Drunk driving

Bikers who indulge in alcohol before riding are a big risk to themselves and everyone else. So are other motorists who drink before driving. Drunk driving leads to lower inhibitions, reaction times, poor driving judgments and accidents. Crashes lead to injuries and even lost lives. Bikers can protect themselves by staying off their motorcycles if they plan to drink. If they are sober, they should pay attention to the actions of other motorists and stay steer clear of any they suspect are intoxicated.

Taking corners too fast

Bikers who speed around corners are unable to predict and see what may be the other side of them, states RideApart. By taking the corners too fast they risk collision with animals, people, other motorists and road structures like poles and buildings. To avoid this kind of situation, motorcyclists should slow down when they approach corners so they can turn safely.

Many motorcycle-related accidents are preventable. Bikers should exercise due diligence and caution when riding so they can protect themselves and other motorists.