Many people are well aware of the fact that drinking and driving can come with severe consequences. However, most people are usually concerned about the possibility of hitting another driver while on the road.

However, a person can get into just as much trouble if they end up hitting someone else’s property. One recent case highlights this. An underage driver ended up colliding with someone’s mailbox after they had been drinking. The teen is now facing charges such as leaving the scene of an accident, failing to report the accident, as well as underage consumption charges and a DUI charge. It is not yet known whether he may face property damage charges as well.

Though the teen only hit a mailbox and ended up damaging both the mailbox and his own vehicle, he will still have to face a number of charges.  He was found by police at an intersection due to the fact that the damage on his car essentially tipped off a bystander to the fact that he might have been driving while under the influence. Reportedly, police received a concerned call about him while he was parked at a street light. This is where he was found. Though he could not recall what he had hit or where he had been, police also located the ruined mailbox quickly as well.

Property damage is quite serious, though it is not often considered in the same light that bodily injury. That does not mean that one will not face any consequences if they drive drunk and only strike another object rather than a person or another vehicle.

Source: News2, “Teen faces DUI charges after crashing into mailbox in Hendersonville,” July 30, 2015