Fatal accidents can cause heartache, as well as financial strife for those who are left behind. People who are seeking compensation for an accident understand how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional impact of a tragedy while also handling the monetary aspect.

Unfortunately, this might be the case for the Hogan family. The parents, Jay and Julie Hogan, were recently killed in a crash that is still under ongoing investigation. No charges have been made yet. This is because the events leading up to the accident are still a mystery. In order to determine what occurred, police have brought in traffic crash reconstruction specialists. They are working together to reconstruct the accident and scientifically prove what occurred. After the entire thing is documented, it will be determined whether or not charges should be filed.

So far, it seems that the Hogan’s vehicle was struck while the driver was attempting to turn left. A car heading west struck its side. The driver of that vehicle was sent to the hospital with injuries, but it has been reported that a full recovery is expected for her. On the other hand, both of the Hogans suffered from severe injury due to the accident. They both passed away due to their injuries.  Their autopsy information is being used in order to help crash reconstruction specialists get a better idea of what occurred in the accident.

However, they are leaving behind children. This is usually a fear of people when they consider the possibility of getting into accidents, as a sudden tragedy can leave a family without support. 

Source: The Jackson Sun, “’A terrible tragedy’: Jay and Julie Hogan killed in Vann Drive crash,” Nathan Handley, July 31, 2015