Dealing with accidents or roadway emergencies can be scary. It might shake a person so much that they are not certain what to do. However, being caught unaware can cause even more problems on the road. Because of this, it is best to be prepared.

There are many different tips for handling emergencies on the road. The Department of Safety and Homeland Security has stated that one of the first things drivers can do is dial *THP (*847) for emergency assistance. This directs drivers to the nearest trooper dispatch. While 911 can also be used in emergencies, *847 could get a driver faster help due to the fact that the dispatchers are closer to their location.

In order to alert other drivers to the fact that an emergency is occurring, it is suggested to turn on the emergency flashers first. This is the most universal sign of distress. Hanging something white from the window or antenna can also help, as can popping open the hood of the car.

Another good tip is for drivers to always be aware of their location on the road. If an emergency strikes, they will need to know how to get off of the road quickly and safely. Always aim for the right shoulder and keep tires facing to the right so as to keep the vehicle from drifting into traffic if the brakes fail. Never stop on a bridge if it can be avoided. This is a dangerous place to be and can cause more accidents. It is also advised for drivers to never slam on their brakes, but to simply take their foot off of the gas gradually and guide the car to a safe location.

These are just a few of the tips that can help all drivers universally. Following these tips may make any drive a safer experience.