A sports-utility vehicle travelling south on U.S. Highway 31E in Tennessee caused a four-car collision after swerving across the center line on April 16. After the car accident, one woman, who was driving a pick-up truck, was flown to the hospital with serious injuries, according to law enforcement personnel.

Another man and woman, who were driving another vehicle involved in the crash, were also transported by an emergency vehicle to a medical facility. Neither the driver of the SUV nor the driver of the fourth vehicle were hurt. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is continuing its investigation of the accident and is working to reconstruct what happened during the collision. Drugs and alcohol are not thought to have been a contributing factor to the accident. Part of the roadway was shut down because of the wreck but reopened later the same day.

After a serious car accident, victims who suffer injuries can face a long recovery process. They might need surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, prescription medication, equipment and counseling, which can all be costly. In addition, they might need to take time off work and could even lose their jobs in some cases. The parties who are responsible for the accident need to be held financially accountable so that the injured victims can receive fair and just financial compensation.

A personal injury attorney can help clients file a civil lawsuit. The clients can pursue payment for their injuries through the legal system, and an attorney might be able to negotiate a settlement. However, in some cases, the attorney might need to bring the case before a jury in order to fight for the rights of clients.

Source: The Tennessean, “Three injured in four-car Gallatin wreck,” Josh Cross, April 16, 2013