A cement truck slammed into a funeral procession in Tennessee, killing one woman. The truck accident took place on the afternoon of Saturday, April 13 in South Memphis where Shelby Drive meets Third Street.

Traffic was stopped in the area for a funeral procession. The driver of an approaching cement truck did not notice the stopped traffic in time to stop safely and lost control of the vehicle. The cement truck hit the back of a Nissan Maxima before falling on top of a Chevrolet Colorado. A woman inside of the Chevrolet died on the scene. She was 49 years old and had been taking part in the funeral procession. A witness reported that she was unresponsive immediately after the accident.

A man and his son were traveling inside the Nissan that was hit from behind. They managed to escape serious injury and were released from a local hospital. The man’s father remarked that the family felt lucky to have survived such a major accident. Cleanup from the accident was a challenging task because the cement truck spilled cement all over the road.

This accident is currently under investigation and no announcements have been made regarding possible charges for the driver of the cement truck. Accidents of this nature can leave victims with hefty bills. In cases with fatalities, families can suddenly find themselves dealing with unexpected funeral expenses. Victims and their families sometimes seek the help of an attorney to sort out the possibilities regarding a settlement to help ease the financial burden associated with a truck accident. An investigation might uncover circumstances that caused or contributed to an accident such as driver fatigue or negligence.

Source: WMCTV, “Cement truck crashes into funeral procession, kills woman,” Lauren Squires, April 13, 2013