Parents of Knoxville teenagers likely know the discomfort that can be felt when one’s child is out on the road by themselves. Luckily, it seems as if new technology can go towards helping every teen avoid a car accident. These technologies are known as Drivecam and Geofencing, and they can give parents an inside look on how their teens are driving.

Drivecam is an actual dashboard camera that activates whenever the driver engages in an unsafe behavior. When an unsafe behavior occurs, such as speeding or reckless driving, the company’s data center can view the video and pass that information on to the driver’s parents. In addition, after viewing these videos, the company offers specific tips on how that teen can drive safer. 

Geofencing also lets parents monitor their child’s driving speed, but in addition, it alerts parents if their teen drives outside of a certain perimeter. The car is even traceable via the Internet. There are vehicles that are currently being sold with these technologies already installed, but concerned parents can also have the devices installed aftermarket. Reports show that auto accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in America, so these technologies are giving some parents peace of mind when their child is out on their own.

Teenagers are at a high risk of experiencing dangerous crashes, and sadly, it’s hard for parents to watch out for their teen when they’re not in the same vehicle. Luckily, evolving technologies can go a long way in helping parents stay on the ball when it comes to their teen’s driving. Anyone, teenager or not, who is injured in a car accident may be able to benefit from a personal injury attorney. Even with these new devices, accidents are bound to happen, so having an attorney may help a person receive just compensation after a collision.

Source: CBS New York, “New technology could help teens stay safe behind the wheel,” April 4, 2013