You may try your best to drive defensively but fail to prepare for some forms of distraction that lead to crashes.

When other people on the road look away from oncoming cars or do not check before turning, you may wonder what you can do to notice these signs. Learning about signs of distracted driving can help you stay safe on the road.

Hands moving freely

According to the United States Department of Transportation, if you notice someone in a car near you continually taking their hands off the wheel in order to pick up food or a phone, then this could be the start of distracted driving. If you try to turn onto another road, this person could ignore your signal and proceed as normal without realizing this could cause a crash.

Having both hands on the wheel at all times is important for keeping control of the vehicle. This lack of attention leads to sideswiping and other preventable accidents. Even simple distractions such as opening a drink with one hand can lead to problems.

Continual talking and glancing around

If someone is attempting to put on mascara or is twisting around in their seat to talk to a passenger, their attention is not fully on the road. Wild hand gestures or a lack of concentration on the other cars around them are other signs of distracted driving.

Actions such as using cigarettes or trying to calm a crying baby also involve a person looking away from where other drivers are. When you begin to notice these signs of distraction, you can better pinpoint the source of car crashes.