Whenever cars switch lanes or cross a lane of opposing traffic to reach a destination, there are safe and legal ways to do so. However, if other drivers are not paying attention or are unaware of what is going on around them, a car accident can occur. Recently in Tennessee, a car accident took the life of a mom as her son was driving and crossed traffic.

The driver who was with his mother crossed into another lane in front of a church. As he did so, a Toyota came along and hit the passenger side of their vehicle. Then, another vehicle rear-ended the Toyota after the initial crash.

The 49-year-old woman died from her injuries in the crash. She suffered blunt force trauma. Because of the three-vehicle wreck, traffic had to be rerouted. Police said they were surprised there were no other fatalities given the severity of the crash. It is unclear at this time if the driver who hit the car as it crossed the road will face any kind of charges.

If an investigation determines the other driver committed a traffic offense or was driving in an unsafe or inattentive manner, there may be cause for the family to pursue legal action. Preliminary evidence suggests the vehicle came over a rise in the roadway at a speed that made it impossible to stop in time to avoid the collision. When someone is killed in a car accident as a result of the negligence of another driver, the surviving family of the victim can file a wrongful death suit in a Tennessee civil court. They may garner monetary damages if their suit is successful. Any damages awarded can help families deal with funeral costs, lost wages or other financial losses incurred after a losing a loved one in a car accident.

Source: timesdaily.com, Marion mom dies in wreck, Tom Smith, Jan. 9, 2014