Tragedy can bring a community together, as is the case in a town in Tennessee. A recent car accident has had devastating consequences for a local family and has brought an outpouring of support from friends, family and other community members. The accident resulted in the death of one woman and injured two girls, one of them having suffered severe brain injuries.

The accident occurred while the girls and their mother were heading home from visiting grandparents. Their car was apparently struck head-on by another vehicle. The mother died in the accident, and both girls were transported to a local hospital for treatment. One of them has already been released from the hospital. The other suffered severe trauma to her brain on top of other injuries and has been in a coma since the accident.

The cause of the accident hasn’t been reported. However, their car was supposedly the second car that was hit by the driver deemed responsible. It is unknown if any charges are pending in this case. It is also unknown if this is still an open investigation.

Sadly, a car accident can have life-altering effects that can come at a significant expense. Both girls now have to cope the loss of their mother and one of them will also need long-term rehabilitation to recover from the injuries she sustained. Medical and funeral expenses can create a significant financial burden in a time already filled with serious challenges. A wrongful death claim (with regard the loss of the mother’s life) and personal injury claims (on behalf of the daughters) may be appropriate against any party whose negligence caused or substantially contributed to the crash. If liability is established, a Tennessee civil court could order any parties found responsible to pay monetary damages to help ease the financial burden this family is facing as a result of the tragedy.

Source:, Family touched by community support for injured daughter, Jeff Farrell, Jan. 7, 2014