It seems like every area has one road that is terribly dangerous. There are many reasons why a stretch of road sees more accidents than other roads. For example, it could be because drivers are more likely to speed in the area or it could be the design of the road. It is also possible for there to be multiple factors.

When it comes to dangerous roads in Knox County, Byington Beaver Ridge Road ranks near the top. According to WBIR, this state road has been an issue for years and has led to numerous serious and fatal accidents.

The problem

The main issues with the road are both due to its design and drivers’ exceeding the speed limit. The road has a curve in it that is not hazardous when drivers are honoring the posted 35 MPH speed limit, but due to excessive speeding, the curve leads to loss of control issues and accidents. There is also no shoulder on the curve and the edge falls into a steep ditch, which only compounds the risks of the roadway.

The solution

WATE explains the solution from the state is to create a road design that allows for drivers to correct their mistakes without it leading to a fatal accident. The state will add in dirt to build up the area beside the road to create a shoulder area. If a driver runs off the road, he or she will be able to recover from it much easier and avoid a fall into the ditch. The easy fix took place near the end of 2020, so the effects are still to be seen, but it should help to reduce the accidents on this road.