One of the few guarantees in life for people in Tennessee is they will grow older. People can do many different things to try and delay the effects of age, but people cannot stop time. Over time the body will break down and people are not able to do the same activities and things they were used to doing when they were younger. They also may develop various cognitive problems as they age. Eventually it may get to the point that people will need assistance in their daily lives.

If this situation arises, people may need to go to nursing homes where they can receive the care they need. If this becomes a reality, they will do their research and try to pick the best nursing home to live at. However, no matter how nice it may seem or the promises they may hear about the home, people can be the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. This is an unfortunate reality, but one that loved ones should be aware of in order to stop it right away of it does occur.

Common types of nursing home abuse

There are many different types of abuse and neglect that can occur, but some are more common than others. Common types of abuse include:

  • Physical abuse – this can include hitting, shoving kicking, the use of restraints, force feeding, improper drug administration and other types of physical contact
  • Emotional/psychological abuse – this includes verbal assaults, insulting, threatening, intimidation, harassment and other types of abuse
  • Neglect – this includes not performing the proper cares, not properly caring for hygiene, ignoring a patient, not providing medication and others.

People in Tennessee go to nursing home to receive the care they need. So, it is very unfortunate when the people charged with their care abuse them in the ways mentioned above or any other way as well. If people are the victim of nursing home abuse, they may have different types of recourse including financial compensation for the damages they suffered. Experienced attorneys understand these difficult situations and may be a useful resource.