As a motorcyclist in Tennessee, you face a number of risks when out on the open road. Not only do motorcycles lack safety features that motor vehicles provide, but you are not protected against the bare road if you should become involved in an accident. One common injury that many motorcyclists suffer from after surviving a collision is road rash. According to, skin abrasions are caused when the skin skids across the rocky road or pavement at a certain rate of speed. While some types of clothing and gear can protect you from getting road rash, you are still at risk of getting skid injuries through some types of clothing.

Skid injuries cause a type of burn from being dragged across the road. In some minor cases, only the first few layers of skin are taken off, leaving the area red and sore. These injuries usually heal quite quickly with attention and care. In more severe situations, however, the skin may be torn off completely. People who receive third-degree skid burns may have to undergo a skin graft in order to reattach healthy skin to the damaged area. This can be extremely painful, costly and could leave significant scaring.

Open wounds are susceptible to infection, especially if there are rocks, dirt and other foreign pieces caught within the rash. If you suffer from a skid injury, it is crucial that you seek immediate medical attention.

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