Many motorists in Knoxville may not realize that when truck accidents occur, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries and die because they are in smaller vehicles. Truck accidents are happening more often. Passenger car operators are in danger of losing their lives and the lives of their loved ones. To reduce the number of accidents that involve semis, trailers and passenger vehicles, more truck companies are “installing dash cams to monitor and alert truckers to potential risks that lead to accidents to prevent them,” states 

Some passenger car operators are not blameless 

It is becoming more apparent that passenger car operators play a major role in the commission of truck accidents. Many of them make errors and drive in a manner that makes it challenging for truckers to avoid crashes. For example, some drivers feel they can outmaneuver large semi-trailers by cutting them off. They may even ride too close behind them, making it challenging for truckers to see them in their blind spots. These are situations where truckers have very little control over the outcome. 

The role that truckers play 

Passenger car operators are not solely responsible for the number of truck accidents that occur on a daily basis. A good portion of them is due to trucker negligence, error, distraction and vehicle defect. Truckers are held to higher safety and operation standards. There are also other regulations that come into play that have a big impact on road safety. Those guidelines do not deter some truck operators from doing things that make the roads unsafe, such as sleeping behind the wheel, working while fatigued, drinking, eating, grooming and using cellphones. 

People who are involved accidents with commercial vehicles are able to seek compensation from the truckers, companies they work for and in some cases truck manufacturers.