When one takes into consideration how much a car accident in Knoxville can affect their life, they may instantly think of the damage that can occur to their vehicle. Very few individuals think about how those accidents can occur and many of them involve drugged drivers. According to CNN.com, more people are drive while impaired by drugs than under the influence of alcohol. These drugs often include prescription pills, over-the-counter meds and illegal substances. 

Many motorists take medications for health issues. Their prescriptions are meant to improve their health and function. There are also some people who use prescriptions that are not theirs and expired. Many of them do not realize that those drugs often cause side effects that can disrupt their normal cognitive and physical functions. Some side effects lead to slower reaction times, hazy vision and altered mental states. These side effects are some of several that increase the risk of them operating their vehicles recklessly and haphazardly, states Drugabuse.gov. 

Motorists must take time to understand the dangers they face when they operate their vehicles while under the effects of drugs. They should avoid using any machinery or motor vehicles until they are fully alert and aware of their mental and physical states. They should not mix other substances with their medications to prevent adverse and intensified effects. 

Individuals who drive and must take certain medications should also consider speaking to their doctors about any side effects they experience. They should ask for alternative medications that do not produce side effects that can affect alter their driving abilities and impact road safety.