Hit-and-run accidents are a common occurrence in Tennessee. However, the thought of being involved in one may leave you with questions about what you should do. According to InsuranceHotline.com, victims of hit-and-run accidents often become frustrated because they are left to deal with the aftermath of these incidents. Giving in to those negative feelings is not recommended because action still needs to be taken to minimize any losses and injuries.

Once the accident is over, you should stay at the scene. Try to gather as much information as you can about the other driver. You will need an accurate description of the driver, their vehicle, license plate and the make and model of their car. You will also need to be able to describe to the best of your ability the events that lead to the accident occurring. This information is necessary for you to file a police report. Filing a police report is crucial because it can help to absolve you of any responsibility and is necessary if you expect your auto insurer to take care of the damages.

If you did not witness the incident, but find that your vehicle is damaged, take pictures to document the scene. Look for witnesses who saw what happened and contact the police so they can come out and take your statement for the report.

If you are inside of your vehicle during the accident, make sure your vehicle is no longer moving, put it in park and turn on your hazard lights. Quickly assess the scene and check yourself and any fellow passengers for injury. Contact the police and emergency medical personnel. If you are able to get out of your vehicle, do so when it is safe. You should put up road flares to alert other drivers of the situation so they can maneuver safely out of the way to prevent further crashes, injuries and to make it easier for law enforcement and medical responders to arrive at the scene.

As frightening and confusing as this type of experience can be, try to remain calm and level-headed. The actions you take immediately afterward can determine your outcome.