Truck accidents are on the rise in Tennessee. Drivers of semi -trucks and big rigs often spend many hours behind the wheel. Due to the nature of their jobs, many truck drivers find themselves engaging in unsafe driving behaviors in an effort to fulfill their duties. However, the number of truck driving incidents is decreasing. Due to new policies and laws in the trucking industry and oversight from the government and federal officials, the number of truck accidents that occurred from 2007 to 2010 declined by 25 percent, states uShip.

Causes of truck accidents

There are many reasons why truck drivers are involved in accidents. They could be distracted by something or someone inside of their vehicles while they are operating them. Semi-drivers may not be too familiar with the roads they are traveling on. They may also use illegal and improper driving maneuvers that cause other drivers to try to compensate for their actions. Primary causes of truck accidents involve semi-drivers being too tired to pay full attention to the road, their vehicle and other motorists; and driving too fast without regard for road conditions.

The statistics

According to a study in Science Daily, eight percent of all traffic on the highways is from trucks. 11 percent of highway accidents involve commercial vehicles. 4,500 people die each year from injuries they sustained from being involved in truck accidents. When the number of trucks on the road increases and the traffic volume of other vehicles decreases, the number of truck crash incidents rise. So does the severity of those accidents.

Truck drivers can take certain measures to reduce their chances of being involved in a crash. Taking frequent breaks, getting training for their vehicles and using safe driving behaviors can help to keep them and everyone else who is on the road safe.