Anytime you get into a vehicle you take a risk. Car wreck deaths in Tennesse in 2020 exceeded 1,200.

Though driving in a car always presents a certain threat, some roads have proven more dangerous than others. I-40 in East Tennessee saw many crashes between 2001 and 2011 of which 97 resulted in a death.

Why is this stretch of highway so treacherous?

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, seven of the eight most dangerous miles of I-40 are in Knox County. Contributing factors causing wrecks include traffic flow, distractions such as phone use and social media and failure to pay attention. Another element that adds to the danger of driving on I-40 is the congestion. With so many cars in one area, accidents are bound to happen.

How can you remain safe driving on it?

While there are no guarantees of safety, driving cautiously can help. This means leaving ample room between your vehicle and the one in front of you and checking your mirrors and over your shoulder before switching lanes.

Additionally, you must refrain from using your phone as you drive. You can set most phones to a driving mode to automatically let others know that you cannot respond because you are operating a car. Lastly, taking a few seconds to buckle your seatbelt and request your passengers to buckle up can make a huge difference in the event that you are in a wreck.

I-40 is a dangerous highway, but if you live in the area it is tough to avoid. Drive safely and remember to fasten your seatbelt before hitting the road.