A brain injury is a scary prospect, especially a brain hemorrhage. Bleeding in the brain may result in cognitive impairment, a stroke, and possibly death. Even if you survive a brain hemorrhage, you might spend years trying to recover body functions like speech or motor coordination. Brain hemorrhages have varying risk factors, so you might be more likely to experience one depending on your situation. 

Some instances of brain bleeding are preventable. But even if you have no control over the circumstances that lead to a brain injury, acting quickly to seek treatment may prevent the hemorrhage from resulting in extensive disability or death. Medical News Today explains the various risk factors for a hemorrhage. 

Head trauma

If you are driving a car and another vehicle hits you, your head may impact a solid surface and cause damage to your brain. In fact, head injuries are the most common cause of brain bleeding for individuals under the age of 50. Even if symptoms do not arise immediately, a head impact could weaken a brain blood vessel and result in something dangerous like an aneurysm. 

High blood pressure

Experiencing high blood pressure could possibly result in a brain hemorrhage because the increased flow of blood erodes blood vessel walls. People suffer from high blood pressure for various reasons. You might have it due to a disease or emotional stress, possibly due to a traumatic event. If you have suffered a traumatic injury, checking for high blood pressure is something to consider. 

Age factors

As you grow older, you become more susceptible to brain bleeding due to diseases and ailments that come with age. Blood disease, liver disease and brain tumors may all contribute to hemorrhages. Hemorrhages are not common with children, but sometimes they happen. Infants may also suffer brain bleeding if subjected to a birth injury or if the mother suffers a traumatic injury while pregnant. 

The medical costs associated with treating a brain hemorrhage and recovering from it can be high. If negligent action had caused your injury and resulting health problems, you can explore your options to hold the negligent party accountable.