Most of the time, driver’s ed classes focus on how to teach people to drive defensively. However, not everybody takes these lessons to heart. It is likely that you will encounter an aggressive or even angry driver on America’s roadways at some point.  

Understanding road rage and what to do when you encounter it is paramount to staying safe, particularly since it is so common. According to Geico Insurance, almost 80% of surveyed drivers expressed anger behind the wheel at some point during the previous year. 

What are the most common forms that road rage takes?

Road rage is a very malleable concept, and different drivers will express it in a variety of ways. However, tailgating is a very common side effect of road rage. If another driver is honking excessively at you or even yelling out his or her car window, it is likely that the driver is under the effect of road rage. 

Road rage can take even more extreme forms. For instance, drivers have gotten out of their cars before at stop signs or in traffic to confront other drivers in their cars. Some drivers experiencing road rage even ram or bump their vehicle on purpose into another.  

What should I do if I encounter road rage?

The first thing is not to respond to the driver exhibiting rage. It might be tempting respond, but a better tactic is to try and stay away from the driver. You may find that slowing down or turning off onto a side road helps you get away.  

However, you should absolutely not stop the car, as this could cause a confrontation with the enraged driver. Road rage is dangerous, and the best thing to do is drive away.