Everybody knows that distracted driving is dangerous driving. However, exactly which activities constitute distraction is often a point of debate. For instance, most people agree that a teenager trying to post on a social media outlet while driving is certainly a distracted driver.

However, many examples of distracted driving are far less obvious. For instance, many Americans snack or even eat entire meals behind the wheel each and every day. According to Decide to Drive, eating while driving can increase your risk of a crash by nearly 50%.

What kinds of foods are the most dangerous to eat?

In reality, eating anything while driving is a distraction. However, there are some kinds of food and beverage statistically more likely to be present at a crash scene than others. Many of these foods are readily available from fast food restaurants or roadside cafes.

Some very common foods at crash sites include powdered donuts, soups, tacos, chili, hamburgers, coffee and soft drinks. Again, this is likely because these foods are easy to get while driving. Eating a rack of lamb while driving is not any safer.

How can I stop eating while driving?

Usually a little bit of planning can help you avoid eating while operating a moving vehicle. If you usually eat your breakfast in your car, try waking up 10 minutes earlier. You may be able to eat at your breakfast table this way.

If you are going on a longer road trip, consider stopping at special restaurants to make eating a part of the vacation. Alternatively, consider packing a picnic lunch in advance and eating at a rest stop next to the highway. Not only will this prevent you from eating while driving, the food will likely be cheaper and healthier.