Hit-and-run accidents are one of the most frustrating and challenging types of situations most drivers will ever encounter in Tennessee. When a driver comes out of what seems to be nowhere and collides with your vehicle, only to take off and disappear, you may find yourself wondering what you should do. Motorists who are prepared to handle this kind of situation can minimize the effects it has on their lives.

Safety first

Pull over to somewhere safe and park your car. If the incident happens at night, make sure you are in a well-lit area. Do not attempt to go after the perpetrator, as this may only escalate the situation. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Call law enforcement and emergency medical responders so you and your passengers can receive treatment for your injuries.

Details help

Try to take pictures of your vehicle and look for witnesses, states MSN. Gather their names, phone numbers and addresses. When making your police report, try to be as detailed about everything you can remember regarding the incident. You should also call your insurer to report the incident.

Drivers who leave the scene of accidents they are responsible for leave the victims dealing with the consequences. Victims who suffer little to no injuries often end up paying for damages that occur to their vehicles. The families of people who sustain severe injuries or die end up dealing with the aftermath. Even though the injured parties may have insurance, most insurers require their policyholders to pay deductibles and may not cover the cost of repairs because they do not have enough information to legally pursue the responsible parties.

Hit-and-run accidents are not always easy to deal with. However, staying calm and taking the rational approach to these situations can help to make them less burdensome.