Each day, more and more drivers in Tennessee are driving while using their cellphones to go on social media. As popular and exciting as social media can be, doing so while driving is extremely reckless and dangerous. Teen motorists are more likely to engage in this type of behavior. The number of adolescent drivers who post on social media and text while operating vehicles is 60 percent, states Medical Daily.

Teens are not the only ones who are acting so recklessly. Many adult motorists are aware of the risks and dangers that are associated with distracted driving, especially when it stems from social media use. They still choose to engage in the behavior anyway. Many drivers feel that it is more important for them to read, socialize and respond on social media than it is for them to remain fully attentive to the roads They are acting as risk takers. The few seconds that it takes motorists to look at their phones, open apps and use them are crucial. In that short amount of time, accidents can happen and lives can be lost.

According to CNN, the percentage of teen motorists who felt that it was wrong to use their cellphones while driving to interact on social media was six. This suggests that most young drivers ultimately feel that they are invincible behind the wheel and that they have nothing to worry about as far as accidents and injuries go.

As interactive and thrilling as social media can be, drivers of all ages need to understand the impact that it can have on their driving performance and safety. Exercising patience and common sense can help them to avoid the risks of distracted driving and social media use so that the roads become a safer place.