As the number of motorcyclists in Knoxville increases, so too does the number of bike-related accidents. Pryor, Priest & Harber can help out if you ever get into a harmful or serious crash with another vehicle. They can provide you with the information and support needed to help you get through this troubling time.

When considering the biggest danger to motorcycles, other non-motorcycle vehicles will always top the list. Getting into a crash with another motorcyclist can be painful and result in injury, but it likely won’t be catastrophic because you’re running into something that’s roughly equal to you in size, mass, and speed. Cars, trucks, vans, and other covered vehicles are much larger, heavier, and tend to be going faster than you are. This results in you taking the brunt of the impact.

As for the biggest dangers to a motorcyclist on the road, blind spots are the worst. When you’re riding in this spot, a driver is unable to see you. They may merge into your lane and hit you without ever realizing you’re there. This is why it’s generally suggested for motorcyclists to ride through blind spots as quickly as possible and to not linger in these danger zones. It’s also why motorcyclists should never assume that drivers are looking out for them. This assumption could cost you your life.

motorcycle accident can undoubtedly be physically, mentally and emotionally traumatic. For this reason, you should gain as much compensation as possible to help you out on the road to recovery. To read more about dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident, visit our linked web page on motorcycle crashes. There, you’ll find more helpful information.