Most Tennessee motorcycle riders know that they’re at a greater risk for injury in an accident than other drivers due to the open design of motorcycles. But did you know that certain common situations and locations can pose a bigger threat to you than you may think? Pryor Priest & Harber works to define all areas of danger for motorcyclists in order to help riders like you understand the risks better.

What’s likely not surprising to most motorcyclists is the fact that a car’s blind spot is the most dangerous place for you to be. If a car can’t see you, there are high chances of them swerving into you while changing lanes or otherwise getting in your path, cutting you off, and making it hard for you to avoid a collision. It’s up to drivers to check their blind spots frequently in order to avoid situations like this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they do. Many crashes occur when a driver doesn’t spot a motorcylist in time.

While lane changes can be dangerous to you and freeway crashes can be more lethal than crashes elsewhere, you can still find yourself a victim of negligence even on suburban roads. Drivers often don’t spot motorcyclists in urban, suburban or rural locations. This can lead to crashes at turns, intersections, and stop lights. Other contributing factors can include lane weaving, crowded streets, or night driving.

While some dangerous motorcycle accidents can be avoided by everyone keeping an eye out while on the road, that unfortunately doesn’t stop every crash. To read more about common causes for motorcycle accidents and what you can do if you have been involved in one, check out our web page.