When you leave your loved one at a nursing facility, you expect them to receive humane and kind treatment from helpful professionals. Unfortunately, you cannot personally vet every worker at the facility, which could end tragically for your loved one.

In order to help advocate for your loved one, you need to keep your eye out for potential red flags that might indicate abuse.

Physical injuries and revolving door staff

Care Pathways looks into the problem of abuse and neglect in nursing homes. First, keep an eye out for unexplained physical injuries. Of course, some things simply happen due to forgetfulness and clumsiness that comes along with age. However, if you notice any bruises, scrapes, cuts or abrasions that seemingly appear out of nowhere with no reason, start questioning staff.

Speaking of staff, keep an eye out for a “revolving door” staff. Do you see the same faces every time you visit your loved one, or do you hardly ever recognize anyone working there? If staff constantly revolves, it might indicate a poorly structured facility that overburdens its employees.

Monitoring your loved one’s behavior

Watch your loved one’s reactions and behaviors, too. Do they withdraw in the presence of any particular staff members? Have they displayed more signs of depression or aggression recently? These may all indicate the possibility of abuse.

Many cases of abuse and neglect stem from an overtaxed, understaffed system, which often drives caretakers to skimp on the attention they give each individual patient or even lash out in their anger. But your loved one should not have to suffer for the flaws of a system, so you should consider contacting legal help quickly.