Winning the state championship is an accomplishment that many high school football teams aspire to. However, one Tennessee team has made it a mission to take home the championship trophy in honor of one of their teammates who died approximately a week and a half ago in a motor vehicle accident involving another vehicle with what appears to have been an improperly secured load.

On a Saturday afternoon, the high school student was following a truck hauling bales of hay on a Tennessee highway. For reasons that are still under investigation, one of the hay bales fell out of the back of the truck. Details as to what, precisely, happened next are a bit vague, but authorities report a head-on collision between the errant bale of hay and the teenager’s vehicle in which the high school student lost his life.

The young man who died was a senior in high school, active in athletics. His football coach describes him as universally beloved. His teammates have reportedly taken the loss very hard, perhaps more so because it occurred the day after a significant gridiron victory which the deceased had been enthusiastic in celebrating at its conclusion.

Charges are pending against the 21-year-old driver of the truck that lost part of its load. Once the investigation reaches its formal conclusion, the district attorney will make a decision in regard to moving forward.

Nothing can replace the loss of a loved one, but family members have the right to seek damages against a negligent party that caused an accident. Hiring an attorney may be helpful in this endeavor.