Vaping injury stories are increasingly common in the news of late. This unnerving issue has many people on edge. Vaping was once seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, but now that is under question. To further confuse the issue, there is a lot of misinformation or half-truths floating around about this concern. It is difficult to know what is accurate about the vaping injuries reported in the Tennessee news.

If you vape, you may wonder if you should be concerned. After all, if you suffer an injury, you will want to hold someone accountable so that other people do not have to go through what you did. However, thus far there is not a lot of conclusive information about these concerns. The Washington Post explains officials are still researching and gathering information about the vape injuries.

An initial warning

The best officials can do is warn you to stop vaping. There is a specific warning against using THC products in vapes. Most of the people suffering from injuries used THC products. Many of these people admitted to using black market products or altering the existing vaping juice to add THC oil.

The confusion

The main confusion is because there are many conflicting reports. Some sources say only people who have used THC vaping have suffered, while others make more general statements and even name specific vaping brands linked to those with injuries. Official reports have not released a lot of information and only provided the general warning to stop vaping.

In addition, there are no clear explanations about the actual medical conditions of the injured people. According to most sources, they have a serious lung-related illness or condition, but further details are not yet forthcoming.

Without more complete knowledge, it is difficult to hold anyone accountable for these vape-related lung injuries. It will take more time and information to get to the bottom of things.